How Owens Corning Built an Award-Winning KAM Program to Drive Long-Term Revenue

  • May 1, 2024


Owens Corning fights competitive prices with quality and service.

Owens Corning centers itself on building a sustainable future through material innovation. Their composite products offer a range of benefits, including enhanced durability, design flexibility, and light-weighting (reduced fuel consumption and emissions), corrosion resistance, and more.

These innovations cater to the diverse needs of their customers, delivering productivity and performance across multiple global industries:

  • Building and construction
  • Transportation
  • Consumer products
  • Wind energy
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Concrete reinforcement

Low-cost imports create a competitive market for fiberglass composite manufacturers. Knowing they can’t be everything to everyone, Owens Corning needed to differentiate their service to key accounts.

"Fiberglass composites can be a challenging industry based on low-cost imports from overseas. In order to be successful, it’s critical that we differentiate on service, but we can’t be everything to everyone.”

- Paul Salach, Key Growth Account Lead, Owens Corning

Key Challenges

  1. Faced threat of low-cost imports.
  2. Finite resource pool to serve customers.
  3. Needed to differentiate their service to most important customers.


Owens Corning created a key growth accounts program to identify opportunities.

Foundationally, Owens Corning had the right processes to succeed. They completed smart initiatives and goals by listening to their customers’ needs. They developed a key growth accounts program to execute the smart goals and initiatives.

Housing their key growth accounts on the Valkre platform allowed them to allocate resources to their customers efficiently and effectively, resulting in more favorable contract negotiations for their customers and strong results for their business.

The tools offered by Valkre are specifically designed to align with Owens Corning’s strategic account management process. Paul Salach with Owens Corning stressed the critical need for custom-designed solutions and a responsive Valkre team to help their key account managers succeed.

The Owens Corning team notes ease of use and a receptive Valkre team as some key reasons for their success. The simplicity
of the platform was essential to train new employees successfully. And, whenever issues do arise, Paul feels confident that Valkre
can quickly respond to their needs.

Enable key-account management programs.
Easily manage large accounts with a platform built for KAM processes.

Implement best practices.
Owens Corning best practices built directly into the platform workflow.

Support customer collaboration.
Customers participate in their strategic process, strengthening relationships.

"Since we launched our key account management program four years ago, we’ve been extremely successful in helping our key growth accounts succeed. This has translated to more favorable contract negotiations and allowed us to deliver strong results for our business.”

- Paul Salach, Key Growth Account Lead, Owens Corning


Focused key accounts program leads to growth and recognition.

By utilizing the Valkre platform, Owens Corning’s key growth accounts program successfully allocated finite resources to its most critical
customers. This led to growth in market share, volume, and revenue. The team was recognized with the Strategic Account Management
Outstanding Young SAM award in 2022.

The program has continued to expand to its global markets as it sees the benefit of managing key programs throughout the company.

  • Composites revenue: +17% since 2020
  • Composites EBIT % margin: +31% since 2020
  • Helping customers increase expected value through partnership

Use your resources wisely with a customized platform for key account management.
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